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L&M Landscaping is a company that does every kind of job. We as a company are really responsble with our customer, as a company we assure the best jobs. 

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We specialize in the new, the happening, the now. Where others see limitations, we see possibility.

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10 years experience landscaping gardens, tree pruning, maintenance, irrigation systmes, retaining walls, fences, sod installation, residential and commercial..

It's easier than you think to achieve the perfect decor for your garden pond.

Nothing's more calming than clear, cascading, bubbling water that gently settles in your very own garden pond. But for a garden pond to really come alive, the right choices have to be made the foliage that surrounds it. You might not think it, but the decoration options are limitless...

L & M Landscaping Llc in Everett

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